Specialty Tours

Not all tours can happen at any time. We schedule some tours or take bookings for individual or group private tours because events are occurring or they are aimed at people with a special interest.

The Volcano Cruise & Hike tours are not for everyone by any means; they can be quite strenuous and you need to have an interest in volcanoes that goes beyond admiring them from a distance!

The Singsings and Festivals tours often are related to when performances are being scheduled; they might be one-off events that happen occasionally so tours have to fit in with the performers' timing.

Other tour attractions might be influenced by the weather, the season, or simply the need to get together a group big enough to run a tour economically for everyone.

One specialty tour

Japan’s ARCO TV flew actors and a crew to Rabaul to record scenes for a popular soap opera. Kokopo Tours was able to provide them with accommodation at our lodge, all the transport they needed, and access to villages and people.

Japan's ARCO TV wanted to video material for an episode of a popular soap opera that put the star in New Guinea. We were able to provide them with an economical tour-and-accommodation package  and negotiate with villagers to provide the actors and action to bring the script to life -- and to teach the star the right steps and outfit him!

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